Subdivision and Property Taxes

The 90-acre parcel is legally divided into 16 lots.  This subdivision was established in the late 1980’s by a former owner who envisioned a suburban-style development that never took root.

However, the subdivision could prove useful to a buyer who wishes to build a family compound or who isn’t looking for a property this large for themselves.  It is no small task to have a subdivision of this nature approved today and it can be expensive and time-consuming.  All that work is already done.   The parcels are thoughtfully laid out, making the property ready for one or a number of homes.


For a look at the legal subdivision approval from 1989, click on this link: Claverack Land Subdivision approval.

Claverack property taxes are modest by most measures.  All Claverack properties were reassessed a few years ago and thanks to a fiscally conservative local government, property taxes have been predictably stable.  The total tax bill — Town, County and School —  well under $10,000/yr.

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